Our brand - Interessa

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Our history

Interessa Shop was born based on the desire to create a luxury baby brand; whose priority is to care for your baby’s skin. It is a label created and ran by one mother to accompany other moms and future new moms.

We know how challenging parenting can feel but you can assure you are not alone. When it comes to dressing up your child, we have your back. 

We strongly believe in the ancient African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” as we want to help parents choose their baby’s clothing in a conscious, healthy and sustainable way.

Our high-quality Peruvian Pima cotton is one of a kind, with strong, durable and ultra-soft fabric perfect for delicate baby skin. Fibers are handpicked to preserve their qualities thus offering a stronger, silkier and softer range of textiles.


Top quality. premium pima cotton
Pima Cotton Fibers come from a specific cotton plant (Gossypium Barbadense) that grows in the coastal valleys of northern Peru. To grow such a quality fiber requires a combination of warm climate and rich soil. Only 5% of the world’s cotton achieves “Pima” quality. These fibers are considered Extra Length Staple (ELS) as they are at least 1 3/8” long.

Superior softness
Our products are made of exquisite and comfortable Peruvian Pima Cotton – widely revered for being the finest of all cottons. Pima Cotton is an ultra-soft, durable and highly-resistant breathable fabric that will keep your baby’s skin warm and cozy.

Durable fabric
Consumers immediately comment on the softness and durability of this fabric. The longer the woven cotton fiber, the less fiber-ends will stick out from the finished product, consequently reducing pilling – even after several rounds of washing!

Temperature regulation
Our highly-breathable fabric allows body heat to be released, it  absorbs humidity while providing comfort and warmth. Ideal for sensitive skins and/or allergies!

Certified products: GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard
Our products are focused on textiles, accessories and clothing for babies, therefore, we only use the best quality raw materials such as Premium Pima Cotton, Organic Cotton and woven fabrics.

Extremely easy to care
Machine washable
Tumble dry
Longer life cycle