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Size guide

How to measure your baby

body references

We recommend always measuring naked and with a diaper on

  • 1. Total height: From crown to heel * (pediatric measurement)
  • 2. Head contour: on the forehead, just above the ears.
  • 3. Long arm: from the armpit to the wrist.
  • 4. Arm contour: between the part that goes from shoulder to elbow.
  • 5. Chest contour: contour of the trunk, just below the armpits.
  • 6. Waist contour: narrower waist contour.
  • 7. Hip contour: wider hip contour
  • 8. Trunk length: Measure the back, from the first vertebra (end of neck / beginning of back),
  • to the crotch with the diaper on.
  • 9. Leg length: measured from navel to heel.
  • 10. Leg contour: wider contour of the leg (upper part of the leg that goes from the crotch to the knee).
SIZE CHART BABIES0-33-66-1212-1818-24
WEIGTH (KG)0-33-77-1010-1213-14
CHEST (CM)3036414651
LENGTH (CM)25-4043-6164-7174-7981-86
SIZE CHART BABIES0-33-66-1212-1818-24
WEIGTH (ibs)0-67-156-2223-2728-30
CHEST (inches)1214161820
LENGTH (inches)10-1617-2425-2829-3132-34

Measure under arms around the fullest part of the chest. Be sure to keep tape level across back and comfortably loose.

Centimeter (CM)

SizeWeight KGHeight CM
3M4-6Kg53.5 - 63.5cm
6M6-7.25Kg63.5 - 68.5 cm
9M7.25 - 8.5Kg68.5 - 73.5cm
12M8.5 - 10Kg73.5 - 78.5cm
18M10 - 11.3Kg78.5 - 84cm
24M11.3 - 12.7kg84 - 89cm

Inch (IN)

TaillePoints KGHauter CM
3M9 - 13kg21 - 25 in/po
6M13 - 16Kg25 - 27 in/po
9M16 - 19Kg27 - 29 in/po
12M19 - 22Kg29 - 31 in/po
18M22 - 25Kg31 - 33 in/po
24M25 - 29Kg33 - 35 in/po